FFC Trademarked INSITU ADVANTAGE Program
Fitness Foundation Consultants (FFC) works with your employer to provide a comprehensive, on-site health-and-wellness program, right in your own workplace.

Our on-site training means you don’t have to join a gym or incur the expense of hiring a personal trainer. It also gives you the consistent support and motivation you need to stick to a regular workout or diet plan.

Participants meet regularly with fitness consultants who assist them with simple workout routines, provide seminars on nutrition and stress management, distribute monthly newsletters on local events and healthy eating, and, if necessary, conduct regular one-on-one life coaching sessions.

The FFC employee-sponsored health and fitness program is like having your own personal fitness consultant – when and where it’s most convenient for you.

Our Mission

Fitness Foundation Consultants recognize the value of every person. We are committed to educating all communities on nutrition, fitness and stress management. Our dedication to excellence is demonstrated by providing exemplary physical, emotional, and compassionate service. As Health and Fitness Professionals we foster a culture of discovering one's best self.

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FFC Trainers:
Nationally certified, most hold multiple certifications, have at least 3 years of personal training experience, and many have bachelors degrees in  related fields; Exercise Biology, Exercise Science, and Nutrition from UC Davis, as well as Kinesiology from Texas A&M.


Melissa Zuniga, Principal


FFC Specializes:

Weight Loss

Functional Training
Core Training

Flexibility Training
Speed & Agility Training

Sports Specific Training

Stress Management
Postural Assessment & Correction

Nutritional Consultation



About Us:

The Fitness Foundation Consultants (FFC) employer-sponsored health-and-fitness program is a comprehensive, multi-faceted program designed to help employees lead full and productive lives.

Corporate Wellness


FFC trainers offer an all encompassing program which provides the tools necessary for clients to succeed. We offer nutritional counseling, safe/healthy supplement recommendation, and bodybugg armbands* on top of our training programs.

Seamless management keeps you up and running

When Fitness Foundation Consultants manages your on-site fitness center and programs, you can concentrate on your own core business.  And, whether your facility covers a few thousand square feet or over 70,000, if you have 100 eligible members or tens of thousands, you can rely on us to attract, find, hire and inspire the best-qualified personnel.

Fitness Facility Management


Fitness Foundation Consultants, provides the most accurate architectural facility design available. Our design engineers will work with you to customize your fitness center to your specific vision and needs while ensuring that your facility can operate efficiently and effectively. Our goal is maximize your available space to ensure that you are getting the greatest return for your dollars spent.

Fitness Facility Design